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  Security 101

Security Guidelines
Where do I start? Security 101, a lesson in basic recommended security practices
I am ready to go online, what next?
Taking a pro-active stance. Assessing your system vulnerability and shoring up the defenses.
Best Practices: Following these basic steps can greatly reduce your chance of being compromised and can reduce unexpected and unwanted expenditures. Steps 1-5
Best Practices: Steps 6-10

Security 101 - Where do I start?
The Basics
The rapid proliferation of computers and Internet access in the corporate and home user environment, coupled with the technical and complex nature of this technology, has presented a growing challenge to users of all levels. This article will focus on the Microsoft Windows environment, but the principals apply to all Operating Systems.

In the beginning
It is not our intent to encompass advanced technical details, we will only outline the procedures we feel are necessary for everyone to practice safe computing. We will provide links to resources which will offer a more in-depth detail when available and appropriate.

From the moment you unpack a new PC, security must be your first and foremost concern (see this article). Before you power up your new PC and connect to the Internet, perform these minimum steps

1.) Read the literature that came with your computer. You don't have to make it a crash course in computer technology, but familiarize yourself with the operating instructions and the software package(s) that came bundled with your particular machine.

2.) Power-up your computer. Make certain that the Anti-Virus software which came with your PC is loaded and running, if not, start the program. Follow any instructions given; if asked to register the program or update the software, choose to do it at a later date or whatever similar option the software provides. Since you are not connected to the Internet you cannot perform these functions online at this time. If your computer did not come with antivirus, purchase an antivirus software and install it yourself.

3.) If you are using Windows XP, activate the Internet Connection Firewall service that is provided with XP (more on firewalls later). Instructions can usually be found in your Owners Manual, your computers Help and Support files or from the Microsoft Web-site. (Note: If you are in a corporate environment, your network connection may already be protected. Always check with your Network Administrator before adding any new hardware or software.)

If your computer is running Windows® 98, Windows® 95, or Windows NT® 4.0, Microsoft does not provide a built-in firewall, so you will be required to install a third-party hardware or software solution. It is highly recommended that you have a firewall installed before connecting to the Internet; this is especially true for high speed broadband users.

If you have any questions that need immediate resolution, please feel free to contact us via email or use our online form.

Tool Box

Business Security - From Dept. of Homeland Security
Stay Safe Online - National Cyber Security Alliance
Federal Trade Commission - Consumers and businesses information about computer security and safeguarding personal information
Visit our on-line tutorial
Security 101: A guide to proper security practices for all PC users.
Order (free of charge) the Windows XP Service Pack 2 CD. Update your PC to ensure the most up to date security.
Microsoft Security Guidance Kit. Tools, templates, roadmaps and how-to guides in addition to Microsoft's prescriptive security guidance. The most current information can be found at the Microsoft Security Guidance page.

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