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Security Guidelines
Where do I start? Security 101, a lesson in basic recommended security practices
I am ready to go online, what next?
Taking a pro-active stance. Assessing your system vulnerability and shoring up the defenses.
Best Practices: Following these basic steps can greatly reduce your chance of being compromised and can reduce unexpected and unwanted expenditures.
Security Concerns, a Top Priority
As recent virus outbreaks and software exploitations have made clear, implementation of effective security practices are top priorities for both the corporate enterprise as well as home users. Security incidents continue to escalate, and are on track to double from the previous year. It is imperative that every corporate or home user become aware of these facts and take the proper action(s) to secure their assets. Please read our security tutorial: Security 101, visit our Support page for alerts and advice and also our Solutions page for various firewall, spyware and antivirus software we recommend and support.

Everyone at Risk
Today's Internet driven business environment opens up a world of opportunity, as well as the threat of security breaches. Any organization with a network not appropriately configured, monitored and secured runs the risk of potential devastation. Matters of security also transcend our immediate business and private concerns. We must also remain aware that lax security may leave our systems open to exploitation from criminal and international terrorist organizations; thus, it is possible to become unsuspecting accomplices in the facilitation of illicit activity.

We Provide the Answers
Organizations, such as small business and home based business, are often unable to support a full time IT staff and may be unaware of the risks, believe the cost of deploying security measures to be prohibitive or simply lack the time and manpower to address these issues. RSS Technologies realizes these limitations and strives to provide affordable resolutions to all our customers, regardless of size.
Tool Box

Business Security - From Dept. of Homeland Security
Stay Safe Online - National Cyber Security Alliance
Federal Trade Commission - Consumers and businesses information about computer security and safeguarding personal information
Visit our on-line tutorial
Security 101: A guide to proper security practices for all PC users.
Order (free of charge) the Windows XP Service Pack 2 CD. Update your PC to ensure the most up to date security.
Microsoft Security Guidance Kit. Tools, templates, roadmaps and how-to guides in addition to Microsoft's prescriptive security guidance. The most current information can be found at the Microsoft Security Guidance page.

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