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  Nitix: An Ideal Small-Business Server

By Mario Morejon, CRN
From the July 24, 2006 CRN

Linux vendors selling small-business servers must go the extra mile to simplify the OS experience, and the CRN Test Center engineers have never seen it done as well as Net Integration Technologies and its Nitix Linux OS.

The beauty of the Nitix server is that system builders and solution providers do not need to learn Linux. This automation makes it one of the most ideal Linux small-business servers the Test Center engineers have seen on the market.

Nitix has a built-in autonomic code to take corrective actions typically performed by administrators. This scanning technology is called NetIntelligence and during initial installs, it completely simplifies configuration.

NetIntelligence helps solution providers automatically discover if there is a DHCP server on the network. If there is no DHCP installed, NetIntelligence tools will scan all the subnets and figure out a non-conflicting IP address. In addition, Nitix's tools will map all existing network drives so that users can immediately gain access to all data assets through a Nitix server.

Autonomic features also are available at the Nitix Web server. During a denial-of-service attack, the NetIntelligence tools are capable of taking down ports and bringing them back at a later time so customers do not notice any downtime.

Typically, Net Integration helps customers select a server and then has VARs configure it on-site. Nitix costs $599, which includes a 20 percent discount and up to 4 percent in MDFs. Partners receive unlimited toll-free pre- and post-sales technical support and use of a dedicated Web site, where they can receive training and marketing information. Since Nitix requires little management, solution providers can profit on lightweight remote administration.

Nitix's backup solution does not require any management or knowledge of performing backups because Net Integration's server includes a simple backup button option. From the server, Nitix provides backup on disk, but there also is an option for remote backup, and solution providers can configure backup to run as often as every 15 minutes.

IBM PartnerWorld   Net Integration Technologies wins CRN 'Best in Show Linux Solution' at IBM® PartnerWorld 2005 Conference   CRN Best in Show

February 28, 2005 - IBM PartnerWorld 2005 conference - Las Vegas, Nevada

At the IBM PartnerWorld 2005 conference, the largest annual global gathering of IBM Business Partners with over 5,600 attendees, Net Integration Technologies Inc. won CRN's 'Best in Show Linux Solution' award for a solution based on its Linux-based server operating system, Nitix™.

The CRN Best in Show awards recognize innovative solutions being demonstrated in the PartnerWorld 2005 Solution Center. The entries are judged on a number of criteria including how closely the solution provider worked with IBM to provide a winning solution to a client, client satisfaction and innovation. The award was introduced by Donn Atkins, IBM General Manager, IBM Global Business Partners, and presented by CRN Editor in Chief, Michael Vizard, recently voted in the top 30 of Most Influential Technology Journalists by Technology Marketing.

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