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nitix autonomic linux

Designed with autonomic computing features -- self-management, self-healing, self-configuring and self-optimizing capabilities -- and leveraging the reliability and performance of Linux®, Nitix™ is a revolutionary server operating system that sets new standards in stability, security, affordability and ease-of-use.

Working with existing environments (such as Microsoft or Novell), or as a complete IT infrastructure replacement, Nitix is easier to manage and use than traditional server operating systems resulting in an affordable and simplified IT infrastructure. Nitix provides a complete business server solution with messaging and collaboration, security-enhanced Internet access and protected data storage. Unique technologies and innovative management tools make it easy to provide secure and reliable IT infrastructure solutions.

What can Nitix do for you?

Nitix and Nitix-powered Net Integrator servers are designed to function like an expertly run IT department - a complete small office network-in-a-box. The Nitix server operating system is unlike any other because it is built with the special features demanded by businesses like yours, and is easy to administer whether you've got two users or two hundred:

  • Easy printer and file sharing to streamline operations
  • Reliable e-mail and internet access for swift communications
  • Secure firewall and virus protection to protect corporate information
  • Rapid data recovery and backup for better peace of mind

If you'd like an overview of a Nitix-powered Net Integrator network server, watch our brief movie (approx. 4 min).

nitix server operating system Includes: File and Print Server • Web Server & Web Caching • Email Server • Outlook®-Compatible Groupware •- Web-Based Email, Calendar and Scheduling • Remote Access Server • Router/Gateway • Firewall & Virtual Private Network Server • Continuous, automated, unattended backup • Two-Minute Disaster Recovery • Windows®/Mac®/Linux® Support • Content-Filtering • Directory Services • FTP Server • MySQL® Database Server • LDAP Server • Domain Name System (DNS) • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) • Redundant Internet Connectivity • Server and Mail-Based Anti-Virus* • Anti-Spam*


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