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Net Integrator Micro II

Net Integrator Micro IIPowered by Nitix, Net Integrator Micro II is an integrated, reliable server that supports the latest Internet and intranet technologies as well as traditional file services. Micro II offers businesses a simple and affordable way to connect branch offices or remote office workers quickly and securely. With outstanding price performance, robust security and availability, Micro II delivers exceptionally low cost of ownership in a versatile yet extremely easy to operate system.

Recommended For:

  • Small offices
  • Small branch offices and departments
  • Home offices
  • Remote workers
  • VPN node scenarios
  • Maximum 15 users

Nitix-Powered Micro II Server Features:

  • Integrated hardware / software server solution
  • Autonomic, Linux-based operating system
  • Email and Web services
  • File and Print services
  • Remote Access Server
  • Router/Gateway
  • Firewall & Virtual Private Network Server
  • Redundant Internet connectivity
  • Windows / Mac / Linux support

Nitix-Powered Micro II Server Benefits:

  • Connect to the Internet and your network resources
  • Manage email, meetings and calendars
  • Give your mobile workers seamless access to network resources
  • Reduce downtime
  • Add users and computers quickly and effortlessly
  • Connect offices instantly
  • Host your own website and email
  • Administer and manage your network easily
  • Lower your total IT infrastructure costs


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