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Comparative Product Map - Net Integrator Servers

Comparison Subject
Mark I
Mark II
Number of Hard Drives Included 1 2 3
Maximum Number of Disk Drives Supported by Operating System 1 2 4
idb (Intelligent
Disk Backup) Supported
No Yes Yes
SystemER Supported No Yes Yes
Disk Drive Configurations Single Drive File System With 2 Drives:
- Single Drive File
System backed
-up by idb, or
- RAID 1(Mirror
with no idb back-
With 3 Drives:
- RAID 5, or
- RAID 1 (Mirror with idb back-up)

With 4 Drives:
- RAID 5 (with idb back-up)
Hardware Differences: Memory 256 MB DDR SDRAM 512 MB DDR SDRAM
(4 GB max)
(4 GB max)
Hardware Differences: CPU VIA™ C3 1 GHz processor Minimum AMD Athlon™ 64
3000+ processor
Minimum AMD
Athlon™ 64
3500+ processor
Hardware Differences: Hard Drives 60 GB hard drive 2 x 120 GB removable Serial
ATA hard drives
3 x 250 GB removable Serial
ATA hard drives
supporting RAID 1
(mirrored), or
RAID 5 (multi-disk array)

A fourth upgrade bay is available for an optional fourth hard drive


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